Knii Lante

Musician Knii Lante has said government could have extended the lockdown it imposed on persons in Accra, Kasoa Tema and Kumasi for a few more weeks.

According to him, that extension could have been used for broad testing and a study of the virus’ spread in affected areas.

This, Knii Lante explained, could have given a better idea of how to deal with the virus after the ban is lifted.

The singer cum medical doctor said he, however, understands the government’s decision to lift the ban early.

“We could have continued…to see the direction of the spread of the disease and while we are on lockdown…but then the economic situation too is real,” he told George Quaye on Showbiz A-Z.

Knii Lante stated that coming from a town like Jamestown he has seen people stay in overcrowded places – defeating lockdown protocols – while others struggle to make ends meet during the period.

He said that if the country with all its resources was able to construct affordable homes for the poor, extending the lockdown may have been feasible.