Knii Lante (Credit: Instagram @kniilante)

Musician Knii Lante has said that it is unfortunate the works of a lot of talented artistes in Ghana go unnoticed by the populace and industry players.

According to him, many artistes, who are striving to produce the best of quality music, are forced to let go of their style and follow the popular trends so they could get the needed recognition.

Speaking to Mercury Quaye on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he stated that other countries like Nigeria may have people doing commercial music but they still support Simi, Adekunle Gold, Fireboy and others.

“In Ghana here, the more you try to do quality music the more you’re ignored. You’re ignored not only by the populace but by industry people as well, and that is very very painful,” he stated.

Citing an example, he said that he has toured and campaigned for his new song Humanity (on coronavirus) to be played on stations, as his way to support frontline workers but he has been turned down numerous occasions.

He stated that he expected people to pick it up and use it for their campaigns in the fight against Covid-19 adding that he was not willing to take any money but his work has proved futile.

However, the works of Bobi Wine (from Uganda) and Alicia Keys (from the USA) have been supported by their people and media houses, Knii Lante said.

“This thing happens not only to me, I see so much quality (music) in Ghana here go to waste. When we see gold we treat it like charcoal and we treat charcoal like gold,” he added.

The ‘Take Good Care’ hitmaker said that if Ghanaians could stop dismissing other acts and give every artiste the needed attention, they could be making the country proud by grabbing Grammy’s and others awards on their own merits.

“Rocky Dawumi was nominated for Grammys and Ghana treated it like it was like no issue,” he bemoaned.

Knii Lante said that people should be open when songs released by their favourites are not good.

He stated that it is unhealthy to hype such works and tout it as Ghana’s best when comparably other counties are doing better.

“If you see the people we forefront as Ghana’s flagship sometimes it is disappointing, we just have to be real, if you see a good thing support it else at the end we are found wanting,” he added.