Government says it will start construction of the pedestrian overpass on the Abeka-Lapaz stretch of the NI Highway this year.

This assurance comes as two accidents recorded on the freeway in this month have already claimed two lives.

Former roads Minister Alhaji Amin Sulemani promised in Parliament last year to construct the overpass but that has not been done.

Current Road Minsiter Alhaji Inusah Fuseini, has however assured that enough funds have been secured to start construction of the overpass.

“We hope that this year with our budget having been increased we will be able to get the commencement certificate to start the civil works on the N1 highway”, said Alhaji Fuseini.

He was however unable to tell when exactly the construction will begin but said “the Ministry of Finance is still working on the budget and I’m sure when they complete the imputing of the budget into their system, we should be able to access some money to start work on the footbridge.”

Member of Parliament for Okaikoi Central Constituency, Patrick Boamah has appealed to the Road Ministry to honour its promise.

Over 60 people, including children have lost their lives on the highway, while several others have been maimed.