Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta has said the government will continue its engagement with the Minority in Parliament and other relevant stakeholders to achieve a consensus on the e-levy.

Addressing the press on Monday, with regard to modifications made by government to the 2022 Budget, Ken Ofori-Atta noted that the consultations have become necessary due to the severe fiscal implications associated with the levy.

He said the government expects to revert to Parliament soon with its resolution on the levy.

“On the matter of the E-Levy, the Elephant in the room, having regards to it serious fiscal implications, we will continue our consultations with the Minority Caucus in Parliament and other relevant stakeholders with a view to achieve a consensus and revert to the House in the shortest possible time,” he said.

The Minister added that the government “will work with all stakeholders including Telecommunication companies to ensure that we [government] will respond to the needs of the people.”

This, he said is necessary to reduce the impact of the levy on consumers and subscribers.

The newly introduced levy has generated controversy among the public with the Minority calling for its suspension for broader consultations with stakeholders.

The Government in its 2022 Budget proposed the levy at a rate of 1.75% to be charged on all digital transactions.

The levy, which is supposed to take effect January next year, will be used to support entrepreneurship, youth employment, cyber security, digital and road infrastructure among others.

While the Minority in Parliament has called for a complete withdrawal of the levy, some stakeholders have suggested to the government a reduction in the percentage of the levy.

According to the Minority, the levy is insensitive to the plights of Ghanaians amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact.

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