Baileys, the world’s first cream liqueur and one of the brands in the portfolio of Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC, unveiled an exciting new Baileys variant called Baileys Delight.

To mark the unveil of this innovation, the company hosted its media partners and other stakeholders to an exciting launch in Kumasi.

Speaking at the launch in Kumasi, Benjamin Fenyi-Gyesi, Innovations Marketing Manager at Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC stated, “the launch of the new Baileys Delight is part of Guinness Ghana’s commitment to bring consumers flavorful liqueurs that can be enjoyed on any occasion. The company has played a pivotal role in enriching the lives of its customers with innovative ideas and products.”

The new Baileys Delight is a lighter cream liqueur that blends the taste of African honey with real dairy cream and premium spirit with an alcohol volume of 15%. It is available in 75cl bottles and sells at a retail price of ¢40.00 only.

“The brewing team in Ghana has worked closely with the international brewers to deliver this exciting liquid.  This new addition is the expression of Baileys developed by our experienced and highly skilled master brewers”, Senior Brand Manager for Innovations, Michael Acheampong added.  

“Baileys Delight is an addition to the Baileys Family and not a replacement. Baileys Original is still very active and available across all our channels – on trade and off trade”, emphasized the Divisional Sales Manager for Middle Belt, Emmanuel Nii Aryee.

Baileys Delight is best served chilled and currently available in seven regions. It is best served chilled – no ice and not recommended for people below 18 years or pregnant women. Enjoy in a delightful but responsible way.

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