Yen Nyin Bom is a Trade Loyalty Scheme by Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC (GGBPLC) initiated with the aim of supporting customers to deliver sustainable growth, increasing volumes across the portfolio, and moving away from transaction-based relationships to true partnerships to create sustainable business growth. GGBPLC has invested on the average GHS 10millon per year in the Yen Nyin Bom scheme since its inception in 2019.

The ‘Yen Nyin Mbom’ campaign in 2020 was dubbed ‘Rise Up’, which aimed at assisting the key retailers and wholesalers of the company’s products, to bounce back and rise above the hardships inflicted on their business by the COVID-19 pandemic. In all 6,000 customers were supported with veronica buckets and hygiene posters

Roland Ofori, the Marketing Manager for beers for Guinness Ghana intimated that despite the COVID pandemic, last year saw one of the strongest performances for the business, a testament that with the right collaboration with our trade partners, anything is possible even in difficult circumstances

The trade engagement rewarded outstanding performance of Guinness Ghana’s customers for the second edition of the retailer loyalty scheme and outdoors the plans for the third edition which commences this month of August

Prizes given included mini trucks, TV sets, deep freezers, and refrigerators, DSTV subscription aside the monthly momo remittance many of the customers enjoyed

The overall winner for the coastal division from the Wholesale category, Festus Mensah, who walked away with a brand-new minivan was overwhelmed with joy and expressed that it will go a long way to help him expand his business.

Many of the customers testified about how the retailer loyalty scheme has impacted their businesses positively and expressed their appreciation to Guinness Ghana for their continuous investment in the business.

John Kpordzro, the Divisional Sales Manager for Coastal Division of GGBPLC, assured the customers of the sales team’s unflinching commitment to support them to maximize the opportunities in the third edition of the Yenyinbom Retailer Loyalty scheme

For the third year running Guinness Ghana will be working with 1,500 retailers and wholesalers across Ghana on the Yenyinbom Retailer Loyalty program to ensure their businesses continues to thrive especially in these uncertain times.

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