Gulf Energy Limited and CareWorld Global have donated items and equipment to 37 Military Hospital as its contribution towards the fight against Covid-19 in the country.

The group which also includes Legon Cities FC, Lemla Petroleum Limited, Networking for Hope (an NGO based in Accra), Airtech Limited and Lemla Veterinary Services made the donation as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The group say their efforts are aimed at helping to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and to support the Hospital and the GAF Treatment Centre, to manage the cases brought to the facilities.

The items presented included 500 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), 516 disposal bedsheets rolls, 50 each of Canula S14 and S18s, 55 Video Laryngoscopes and 28 Dissecting Forceps, 21 Bedsteads, 12 Bedside Desks, Carrier Stretchers, Examination Bed, Wheel Chair and Food Trolleys.

It also includes Metro Shelving, Suction Machines and Gaskets, Nebulizers, vacuum seals, patient strap, dissecting forceps, vagina speculums, an aneroid sphygmomanometer, thermometers, Ambu bags, bar soaps, tissue rolls and hand sanitiser dispensers and a host of other equipment and numerous assorted disinfectants.

The items were donated on behalf of the group by Dr Kwaku Danso Agyei, a physician by profession and Richard K. Atikpo is Board Chair of Legon Cities, Gulf Energy, Lemla Energy and more.

The Isolation Centre which is functional at the EL-Wak Sports Stadium is to help manage the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Speaking to the media after the donation Mr Atikpo reiterated the importance of supporting the work of government in dealing with the threat of Covid-19.

“We are excited to be part of governments’ efforts in dealing with this deadly virus. This is a virus that has claimed the lives of many people all over the world.

“Government alone cannot be solely responsible for footing the bills and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we believe that there is the need to support the team fighting the threat of COVID-19 and, therefore, have decided to come in to aid the 37 Military Hospital and the GAF Covid-19 Treatment Centre,” he said.

The group has also taken up additional responsibilities of feeding the medical personal on-site daily in the line of duty since April 10.

Attached is the list of items donated to the 37 Military Hospital.

The Director-General of Medical Services of GAF and the Commander, 37 Military Hospital Brigadier General (Brig Gen) EC Saka and Brig Gen NA Obodai, respectively, on behalf of GAF and the Hospital, expressed deep appreciation to the group for the huge support.

The Generals noted that the items will go a long way to aid the facilities to perform their roles to the optimum and further noted that since the government and GAF could not do it all alone, support from the private sector, organizations, and individuals, was commendable and most welcome.