A member of President Akufo-Addo’s legal team, Frank Davies has questioned General Secretary of the NDC over claims that he (Asiedu Nketia) does not speak for the petitioner in the 2020 presidential elections.

Addressing the media after a court hearing, he said Johnson Asiedu Nketia in paragraph 2 of his witness statement stated that he was in court to lend aid to the petitioner but remained elusive and evasive during court proceedings.

“Asiedu Nketia remained largely evasive; every question that was posed, his immediate response was that ‘I don’t speak for the petitioner’,” the Lawyer said.

This happened Friday at the Supreme Court during the election petition hearing at the Supreme Court when he was being cross-examined by EC’s lawyer, Justin Amenuvor.

Mr Asiedu Nketia was being questioned by the lawyer for the First Respondent on his witness statement relating to the election figures that the 2020 NDC flagbearer is challenging in court.

The EC’s lawyer, while cross-examining the Petitioner’s First Witness questioned him on the Bono East presidential results, one of the many contested by Mr Mahama.

He asked the witness if he could see figures recorded for the various candidates as votes acquired in the Region, which Asiedu-Nketia responded in the affirmative.

However, the petitioner’s lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata raised an objection.

Mr Tsikata argued that nowhere in their petition did they say Mr Mahama won all votes in Techiman, therefore, Mr Amenuvor only intends to mislead the witness.

But Mr Amenuvor then told the court that he was asking genuine questions from the witness statement thus, he rephrased the question objected.

“You did not include paragraph 12 because the total valid votes the petitioner attained in the Techiman South were known,” he asked.

Responding to the question, the witness said the analysis of Techiman South in the witness statement is what the First Respondent provided.

Mr Amenuvor further stated that the EC boss said, “should Techiman South figures be included, the election results would not make any difference.”

Mr Asiedu Nketia in turn responded that, “I didn’t do the declaration,” and said Lawyer Amenuvor is confusing him with the petitioner.

He added that he (Asiedu Nketia) was not in the position to answer questions meant for the petitioner and that the figures presented were taken from the First Respondent.

However, reacting to Mr Asiedu Nketia’s response, Frank Davies who was baffled by the response given by the witness said the NDC General secretary failed to lend aid to the petitioner as stated in his witness statement.

“How can you come to court and whenever you are asked questions your response is that I don’t speak for the petitioner. Then why are you in court?” he said.

He added that the witness won’t be lucky in court in this election petition as he was in 2013, since the lawyers of both respondents are fully armed and very prepared to defend their clients.

Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to February 1, where Johnson Asiedu Nketia will continue serving as a witness for cross-examination in the 2020 election petition hearing.