On Saturday, a new Premier League starts. The 2020/21 season will kick off on September 12 and teams are finalising preparations for their opening games.

With the teams ready to go, fans are also ready for another season of the famous Fantasy Premier League game. The game provides the opportunity for fans to test their managerial skills by putting together their teams, selecting 15 players from Premier League teams with a budget of 100 million.

And Joy Sports will not be left out of the fun as the team has renewed its popular Joy Sports Classic league. The league has over 20,000 players and more players are welcome with the new season promising to be even more exciting.

The Joy Sports Classic is part of the team’s offering for the season, which includes live commentary on Sunday games on Joy FM, and highlights on all our shows on the Joy News channel.

How to join the Joy Sports Classic league

1. Sign up on fantasy.premierleague.com

2. Choose your team

3. When done, go to Leagues, select ‘Public’ and enter the code UF90S. The name of the league is Joy Sports Classic.

4. If you are an existing player from our previous seasons, you can automatically join by clicking this link https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/uf90qs

Players will be rewarded at the end of the season.

The Premier League will run for 8 months from September to May 2021.