It’s a new year and why we have made plans for all other aspects of our lives, it would be good to put our relationships with our friends into consideration, seeing as we spend a large amount of our time and our lives with who we call friends.

To have healthier and better friendships this year, or to maintain good relationships all round we’ve brought to you five different tips, so read on!

  • Communication

There’s a quote that says communication in a relationship/friendship is like oxygen to humans, it is needed to thrive and stay healthy.

Take time out to have conversations with your friends and make sure that they don’t just revolve around you or your issues, ask about their work, what stresses them out, because conversation is a two way street and when they do communicate, make sure that you effectively hear them out, make them feel understood, offer advises where you can, or just an assurance of your presence.

This will help form stronger connections with friends.

  • Intentionality

In the same way we invest in our romantic relationships, its often advised we put the same effort in our platonic friendships, be intentional about your friendships, not just in words but in your actions too.

Offer help when they need it and when you can, take time out to call them, spend time with them, random notes during the week, etc. These are some of the ways you can show friends how intentional you are about them.

  • Accountability

For friendships to stay healthy or respectful, all party must keep themselves accountable,

This is when you keep your friends in check with their actions or decisions, while still staying objective and non-judgmental.

When you help them point that their actions might not be necessary for their growth or even for your friendship.

This must be done without any oppressive tone but rather in love, reminding them of their strengths and capabilities.

  • Trust

Just like in any other form of relationship, trust is very essential to friendship because it helps it nurture and grow, if there’s no trust, it won’t last, try as much as possible to be transparent and objective about your thoughts, views, make a habit of being honest, keep promises as much as you can, in situations that you cannot, renegotiate with them, keep their secrets, or privates thoughts shared with you. These will lay the foundations of a reputable friendship where trust is foremost.

  • Conflict resolution

As humans, we tend to have issues or quarrels even in the best of relationships, and sometimes because if this, we tend to let our friendships go to ruin.

Instead of this, you can make apologizes in situations that call for it, don’t be so stiff that you don’t make yourself accountable for your actions.

When friends apologize for mistakes, air your feeling and accept the apology, so that the matter doesn’t elongate and let it end.

Stop holding friends to really high expectations, remember that they are humans too and can disappoint but make sure that they’re held accountable and are willing to fix up and most importantly don’t let resentment build up, rather talk or air your feelings out from both sides, and remember friendship cannot be forced but can only come to be, out of respect, mutual likeness and similar interests,

If it won’t work, don’t force it and just let it be.

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