Management of tech firm, Huawei paid a working visit to Multimedia Group Ltd on Friday.

The visit saw officials from Huawei familiarize themselves with operations of the Multimedia Group as well as exchanged ideas on best ways of expanding clientele and viewership. 

West Africa Multi-Country Manager for Huawei, Simon Liu said, “It’s been a very good meeting. It was a fruitful meeting. We came to give a brief about Huawei and the business opportunities therein in Ghana’s information and technology firm. We see the Multimedia Group as a company doing amazing stuff with technology.”

Huawei pays working visit to Multimedia Group

The courtesy call by Huawei follows the technology firm winning the 2018 GSMA awards for its outstanding contribution to the mobile industry. 

The award was presented at a special ceremony, where Huawei was recognized for decades of advocating new technology standards, driving digital transformation, and building out the digital ecosystem.

Huawei pays working visit to Multimedia Group

Outlook of Huawei

Since its founding in 1987, Huawei has expanded from a small reseller of telephone exchange equipment to a global market leader in telecom and enterprise network solutions and consumer devices. 

Through its history, the company has shown a strong focus on research and development. From 2007 to 2016, Huawei's total R&D investment surpassed US$48 billion dollars, having invested $11 billion in 2016 alone. 

In 2017, Huawei's innovative WTTx solution helped resolve last-mile access issues in both densely populated cities and sparsely populated rural areas. This solution reduces connectivity costs by 75% and makes network roll-out 90% faster. 

The company also deployed RuralStar 2.0, a solution for rural networks, for 12 carriers in eight countries, including Thailand, Ghana, and Mexico. 

Huawei pays working visit to Multimedia Group

This solution helps increase network coverage in rural areas, allowing more people, especially those in under-developed regions, to access the online world.

Huawei's Mobile Money solution enables carriers and banks to deliver innovative, reliable mobile banking services without adding too much to their asset base. 

It has been deployed in 19 countries and serves over 152 million users. This solution makes financial services simpler and more accessible, driving financial inclusion



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