JoyNews’ Raymond Acquah says despite following Covid-19 safety protocols, he somehow fell victim to the virus.

“I was still thinking that Covid is far from Raymond Acquah,” he told Winston Amoah on the Super Morning Show, Monday.

According to him, he had taken the Covid-19 test six times while in the UK and tested negative, a country that was severely hit by the virus.

To him, he thought he would not get the virus because he has been observing the safety protocols, however, he tested positive covering the December 7, 2020, general elections.

Sharing his Covid-19 ordeal on the Super Morning Show, he said his early symptoms began with a fever whilst on duty, but his temperature was not that high.

However, in subsequent days, he noticed his condition worsened.

“It’s as if somebody is trying to kill you. They’re holding onto your throat constricting the space between that. Or pulling your trachea in a way that you know you have no chance of breathing. Not through your nostrils, not through your mouth, even though you’ve and struggling to get air down the pipe.”

“What that happens also is that, you’re generally weak and can’t do much. Coupled with the fact that I was feeling very hot, there’s so much heat in my nostrils, every part of the body was also hurting at the same time.”

He stated that the virus does not discriminate and urged all persons to strictly follow the laid down safety protocols.

“And me, I felt for my age, for somebody of my stature, and maybe health status, the best Covid could do to me was keep me in bed for two days or three days. So that was what I was bracing myself for.”

“It was a very terrible experience,” he added.

In an earlier post on social media, Raymond Acquah thanked his spouse and medical staff of Nyaho Medical Centre for the support and care he received when he was at his lowest moment.