Kurt Okraku, who is the president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), expects CAF President Patrice Motsepe ‘not to take sides’ in the impending match fixing protest filed to FIFA by the South African Football Association (SAFA).

So far, FIFA have acknowledged South Africa’s filed protest on the grounds of match fixing, match manipulation, corruption and bribery, and have asked the GFA to also submit any information available on the matter.

In a press conference organised by SAFA on Wednesday, November 17, Danny Jordaan, who is the association president stated they had consulted the CAF President after the Ghana game.

“Even though the CAF President is from South Africa, we don’t to be opportunists and use him but of course we called him right after the game and he assisted us but we are not using him in all this.”

Speaking at the Women’s Super Cup launch on Thursday, Okraku said that he expects Motsepe not to take sides in the matter.

“I want to tell Jordaan, that he cannot drag the president of the Confederation of African Football [Patrice Motsepe] into this. Motsepe is the president of CAF and not the president of SAFA. He doesn’t call the shots as SAFA – we voted for Motsepe to represent a truly democratic African Confederation Football and not to take sides.”

“And for Motsepe that I’ve known him will never take sides, and I don’t expect him to take sides,” the GFA president added.

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