The Member of Parliament for Madina Constituency, Francis Xavier Sosu says he would cite the police for contempt of Parliament.

This according to him, is due to the fact that he was abused by the police in their attempt to arrest him during the protest he led his constituents to embark on.

“In fact, the Police even destroyed and damaged parts of my car so I intend citing the police for contempt of Parliament,” he said.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Midday News he said the Regional Operations Director together with the Adenta Divisional Commander were present on the ground and incited the police to carry on with the arrest.

“They [Regional Operations Director together with the Adenta Divisional Commander] were supposed to ensure that these things do not happen rather they were insisting and instructing their boys to do that.

“Why would you want to do that? Because the youth resisted and I was whisked away, I later got to know that they have arrested our youth chiefs and some of our young men who were demonstrating. What sort of lawlessness is that?”

Mr. Sosu said although the modalities for protest under the Public Order Act was followed, he was surprised the police acted lawlessly during the protest.

“If anybody acted unlawfully, then it was the police because at the time that the protest was coming to an end, they served notice of an intention to arrest me, and I said why would you arrest me for leading a lawful protest? And this protest, we have written to you, you agreed with us with the time, and we gladly obliged and changed the time from last Monday to today, so why would you want to arrest me?

“So I told them in any event, the constitution is very clear when a Member of Parliament is doing his duty as a Member of Parliament you cannot arrest him. If you want to arrest me, write to the Speaker of Parliament. So why did the police want to act lawlessly, and how would you arrest me in the presence of the teeming youth who have come together to demonstrate,” he explained.

Mr Sosu assured the youth who were arrested and are currently in police custody that lawyers have been instructed to arrange for police enquiry bill at the Police Regional Command for them.

On Monday, the angry residents clad in red and black and led by the MP of Madina, Mr Sosu, chanted as they marched through the various streets in the constituency to protest what they described as poor road infrastructure and lack of proper drainage leading to flooding in the area.

According to the MP, the protest was to force the relevant authorities to fix the roads in the constituency quickly.

Scores of protesters blocked portions of the Ayi Mensah-Danfa Road by burning tyres and preventing the free flow of traffic.

It took police intervention to clear the road, but the angry residents said they’ll return to the streets if the roads are not fixed.

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