The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Paul Tawiah Quaye, has ordered the immediate interdiction of six policemen of the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service for allegedly extorting monies from motorists at Akotsi Junction on the Accra-Cape Coast road.

The six were alleged to have extorted monies from motorists while on duty to allow them to escape arrest for motor traffic offences.

The six, who are all from the National MTTU in Accra, are Inspector Apuyinga, Sergeant V. K. Asante, Lance Corporal D. Dankyi, Lance Corporal A. K. Sarfo, Constable J. Adinkra and Constable Owusu Kwakye.

According to the acting Director of the Police Public Affairs Directorate, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Cephas Arthur, the interdicted policemen gave envelopes to the drivers and asked them to put their licences in them for inspection but ended up collecting monies from them.

DSP Arthur said when the six policemen were arrested by the Police Monitoring Team they had in their possession a large number of sealed envelopes.

Upon interrogation, DSP Arthur said the policemen claimed the envelopes contained the licences of the drivers who had infringed the law and had, therefore, been instructed to report at the MTTU office in Accra for processing but when the envelopes were opened, each contained a driver’s licence and money suspected to have been extorted from the drivers.

DSP Arthur said the activities of the Police Monitoring Team were part of the steps taken by the police administration to rid the service of miscreants and misfits in line with the Image Cleansing Campaign launched by the IGP in 2010.

He used the occasion to once again assure members of the public that the police hierarchy was doing everything possible to bring the performance of service personnel to a standard that could match the best practices of policing the world over.


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