Law Lecturer at the GIMPA Law Faculty says it’s mandatory for a sitting President to submit his handover notes 30 days ahead of an election.

These notes, according to Justice Srem Sai, which include previous and updated projects and briefs on national security must be submitted to an Administrator-General within the period specified by the Law.

“If we go by the provisions in the Act, it appears that the transition should have begun 30 days ahead of the election. That is where the Administrator-General is supposed to take the handing over notes from the incumbent president,” he said.

He made the comment Sunday on JoyNews’ ‘The Law.’

Justice Srem Sai also explained that it is not only the outgoing President who is expected to hand over but the Law also requires appointees of the President to submit their notes as well.

However, it has been observed that incumbent Presidents fail to submit the said document at the required time.

He also iterated the fact that the handover note serves as guidelines for the incoming President.

He, therefore, urged state authorities to enforce the exercise.

“Handing over notes should be prepared from day 1, it is done every 4 years, the term of every President is 4 years.

“The question of let me wait in case I don’t win before I start handing over is neither here nor there. It is supposed to be something you do regardless of the elections,” he added.