Premier asset management firm, Tesah Capital, has introduced new collective investment schemes and a digital self-service application onto the capital market.

According to its Managing Director of Tesah Capital, Eugenia Basheer, the new product is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in society.

She explained that the collective investment scheme is an avenue to change the rhetoric and ensure benefit from diversification of securities.

Making these assertions at the launch of the company’s new collective investment schemes dubbed the Tesah Future Fund, Tesah Treasury Trust and the new self- service app, she said “investing should not be a preserve of the few affluent people. we aim to change the rhetoric by creating avenue for everyone”.

On the new collective investment schemes introduced, she said the Tesah Future Fund Limited formerly Kiddy Fund Limited has it focus widened to accommodate any investor with a long-term investment horizon.

She added that the Tesah Treasury Trust is a zero risk fund with no minimum investment amount.

“The Tesah Future Fund Limited, formerly Kiddy Fund Limited, was to get parents and guardians to invest for their children or wards. The focus of the fund has been widened to accommodate the investment needs of any investor with a long-term investment horizon”

She further said : “the Tesah Treasury Trust is a money market unit trust that will invest in government securities such as Treasury bills and bonds. This take away issuer risk from the trust and can therefore be said to be a zero risk fund to enable anyone and everyone invest in the Tesah Treasury Trust. There is no minimum investment amount”.

Tesah Capital also unveiled it self-service app to ensure convenience for its customers.

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