Injured Kofi Antwi

A 40-year-old teacher has been recounting how he was allegedly battered by crowd-control Police during the protest by students of Islamic High School in Kumasi on June 13, 2022.

Mr. Kofi Antwi, a teacher of English language said he was humiliated in front of his students, detained and denied access to hospital after a Policeman hit his head several times with the butt of his gun.

Mr. Antwi narrated that he fell on the ground in front of his students, who were protesting over frequent crashes of pedestrians in front of their school. The victims of these crashes include students and teachers of the school

The 40-year-old teacher arrived on campus on Monday June 13, 2022 with one objective- to teach his students.

But his comments that the protesting students had a justifiable cause might have infuriated a Police officer who threw slaps at him, landing him on the ground.

“It was pre-incidence that I was speaking with somebody that I told them that oh, though nobody wished for demonstration, but they(students) have a justifiable cause. May be that is what triggered the Policeman to come and tell me, have I seen what my students are causing and he landed slaps on me, I fell on the ground and he used his gun butt on me.”

Mr. Kofi Antwi is among five teachers who suffered such an ordeal during Monday’s protest, which also saw 8 Policemen injured and recorded the hospitalisation of 38 students of the school.

He had the opportunity to meet members of Parliament’s Defense, Interior and National Security Committee who were on a fact-finding mission on the incident, to tell them about his ordeal.

The teacher also told journalists he was denied medical attention after the assault.

“When we were even going to the Police station, I was telling them that I am severely wounded because of the bruises, but they never took me serious.”

Currently, Mr. Antwi is suffering head and eye injuries and has to be assisted to walk.

He wants justice for the unprovoked attacks on him. “I want justice,” he demanded.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Parliament’s Defense, Interior and National Security Committee, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has justified the action of the students.

The 18-member committee, on a fact-finding mission under the instructions of Speaker of Parliament, Alban S.K. Bagbin visited the school on Friday June 17, 2022.

Mr. Agyapong blamed the Highways and Urban Roads Departments for failing to act on numerous complaints to address the frequent crashes of pedestrians.

“I think the problem you faced has been lingering for so long that’s why probably, you overreacted. So we are pleading with you that next time, remember your song, “discipline is our hallmark”. So please, don’t let us take the law into our hands anymore.”

“But at least, your action brought us here . Is it a bad action or not? To me, it is good action. You get people being killed, you get people knocked down by cars. The headmaster, the school reporting to Urban Roads and they take no action. If I am in any position, I will fire the Urban Roads Director,” he stated.