President of the Ghana Football Association, Kurt Okraku, believes Danny Jordaan, who is the president of the South Africa Football Association should ‘accept the Black Stars were the best team in the group.’

The Black Stars were drawn in Group G of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers alongside South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

In the end, Ghana edged Bafana Bafana on goals scored after both teams finished on 13 points.

After the final game between the two sides at the Cape Coast stadium, South Africa filed a protest to FIFA concerning a possible match fixing, match manipulation, bribery and corruption.

Okraku believes South Africa must be honest and accept that Ghana was the better team in the group.

“It is important that Danny [Jordaan] is honest to accept that on the day over the length of the competition, the Black Stars were by the best team in the group.”

“The Black Stars dominated the Bafana Bafana. Mother God was so good to South Africa on that day because you could see so clearly the number of goals that should have entered the net, the number of penalty appeals that should have been taken by the referee for Ghana.”

“South Africa must not be bad losers, they must not be sore losers. They must understand that they didn’t plan enough, they didn’t play well enough, they didn’t win enough games for which reason they were not good enough against the Black Stars,” he added.

Okraku also believes the South Africans had the opportunity to secure qualification in their penultimate game against Zimbabwe.

“They were not confident in themselves. Haven’t we had quotations from their head coach? Haven’t we?”

“Did South Africa not play against Zimbabwe when they should have scored 4-0 to be comfortable in Ghana, when they know they have never won here?”

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