Wiyaala (Credit: Instagram - @wiyaala)

Singer Wiyaala says that comments by pundits about her not being a part of the local music industry have cost her gigs both internationally and locally.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z she revealed that she was once booked to perform at a Mo Ibrahim concert with Angélique Kidjo and get paid ¢25,000.

She stated that after days of prepping and rehearsed with her band the organisers failed to get back to her a week prior to the event.

“Later they said that things changed and they were told that I am not in the country and I don’t concentrate here,” Wiyaala told George Quaye host of the show.

Wiyaala stated that she does not appreciate the downplay of her career by supposed entertainment pundits during discussions.

She stated that these same people who undermine her efforts play nice with her in person and sometimes ask for tips on how to get into the international scene as a musician.

The singer and songwriter said that because the phrase “Wiyaala is concentrating abroad” has been peddled around by these pundits, it not only prevents her from making money but also hurts her career both in Ghana and abroad.