Oddly Enough

Jealous wives wage war on barmaid

A barmaid has caused a rift in an Italian town where angry wives have launched a petition demanding she be sacked.

The women complain their husbands are all obsessed with Loredana Popesciue, 27 – a Romanian-born immigrant – who works in the bar in Cadelbosco Sopra.

They say their goggle-eyed partners are wasting too much of their wages giving the curvaceous blonde big tips every time she serves them drinks.

Miss Popesciue says she was so far had to deal with anonymous tip offs to the taxman, immigration and even Town Hall health and safety inspectors who were called to investigate her showing off her underwear during sexy dancing routines.

“Now I have a petition to deal with. These women are just jealous. I have Brazilian roots and I love to dance. What’s wrong with that?” she said.

One person delighted with Miss Popesciue’s impact on the town is her boss who has renamed his pub the Lory Pink Bar in her honour.

“I have nothing against these women. But if their husbands wanted to spend time with them, they’d be at home and not in my bar,” she added.