Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho described Cesc Fabregas as a "maestro" after the former Barcelona midfielder inspired his new team to victory at Burnley.

The 27-year-old, who joined the Blues for £27m in June, set up two goals in a 3-1 Premier League win at Turf Moor.

"I agree completely with Cesc as man of the match," said Mourinho, whose side moved straight to the top the table.

"He controlled the tempo of the game and was responsible for the best phase of our play."

Mourinho's side, many people's favourites to win the title, outclassed their newly-promoted hosts, despite falling behind.

Clarets midfielder Scott Arfield beat Thibaut Courtois, starting in goal instead of Petr Cech, with the game's first shot on target

But debutant Diego Costa, a £32m summer purchase from Atletico Madrid, quickly equalised with his first Premier League goal.

Fabregas set up Andre Schurrle for Chelsea's second with a sublime first-time pass, and the former Arsenal player was also involved in the third, taking charge of the corner which led to Branislav Ivanovic's strike.

"I hope he has more of that," said Mourinho of the Spain international's pass to Schurrle. "We know he's capable.

Fabulous Fabregas

Fabregas scored 59 goals in 305 games for Arsenal, and helped them win the 2005 FA Cup

The 27-year-old won La Liga in 2013 and the Copa del Rey in 2012 with Barcelona

He won the World Cup with Spain and has scored 13 goals in 91 international appearances

He has now assisted 72 Premier League goals, just two fewer than Thierry Henry

"More important than the pass was the control he had with the game, the understanding he had with Nemanja Matic which brings our team to a different dimension in the quality of football that we play.

"He makes the right decisions, the right intensity of the game and he brings other people in the right direction. I am really happy with him."

Chelsea captain John Terry also praised Fabregas.

"Some of the movement and play for the goals was different class, and Cesc was probably pick of the bunch for Schurrle's goal," he said.


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