For thirty silver coins,
You were betrayed with a kiss.
Before the cock crowed,
You were denied thrice.
They who sang ‘Hosanna’,
Now echo, ‘Crucify Him’
And preferred the criminal Barabbas.
So You were first flogged
And led away for crucifixion
While he was set free
A grievous contradiction

They stripped off Your garment
And gave You a scarlet robe
Then they wove a CROWN OF THORNS
And set it on Your head.
They put in Your right hand, a staff
Which made them much amused
‘Hail King of the Jews’
They knelt and mocked You.

You embraced your cross
A great sign of victory
Simon of Cyrene was seized
When they saw You were weak
They made him against his will
To carry the cross to Golgotha
The place of the skull
Where You were finally crucified.

In spite of the hurt
You still asked Your Father
To forgive them their sins
For they do not know what they were doing

Then You died on the cross
Still wearing the CROWN OF THORNS
A symbol of Kingship
Kingship over death.

Korku Delali