It was a dream…
Like a dream.
The spirit of our ancestors fell upon me
And my eyes were opened.

I looked up the hills
And behold
A figure stood before me.

I saw her.
It was Amewonor that I saw.


The mother of all,
A ray of light.
The giver of children,
A beacon of hope.

In her hands was an egg:
It was the egg of life.

“As the rains fall and never go up,
As the rivers flow and never retrogress,
So shall your joy know no end.”

With these words
She gave the egg to Kosi
The young wife of Setornam
The one people call barren.

Just as I saw,
So did it come to pass
She conceived and brought forth a son.
Not only him,
But another.

Those who once pelted her with insults,
And made mockery of her childlessness,
Now come to her home
Gowned in shame
And praise songs on their lips
To welcome the new born twins.