Managing Partner for Law Alert Group, Charles Bawuduah says keeping employees on contract in perpetuity is not good.

According to him, when this happens, it makes the employees uncertain about their future with the organisation.

Speaking on The Law on Sunday, he stressed that, “this creates adverse thoughts and as it were, conditions that are not favourable to the worker.”

“It weakens you in your negotiations and provides some uncertainty in your future. So the employer knowing this will weaken you, will give you a contract,” he said.

He explained that when this is done, it intimidates the worker into not insisting on certain rights.

“If the job you are doing is of seasonal nature or intermittent, then contract agreement for a specific period would be legal.

“However, if the work you actually do is permanent in nature the employer instead of giving a permanent appointment keeps renewing every year so as to reduce your rise,” he added.