KLM Dutch Airlines has adopted a double test obligation for all passengers traveling from Ghana to the Netherlands.

This introduction follows a new travel directory by the Dutch Government as part of measures to control, if not curb the spread of the Covid-19 variant. This directive was effected on the 23rd of January.

“There is a double test obligation for passengers traveling from Ghana to the Netherlands. The PCR test and the Antigen test.

The rapid test must be taken not more than four hours before departure. This is in addition to the existing obligation to perform a PCR test 72 hours before departure,” a statement by the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana directed.

Speaking to Charles Ayitey, Country Manager for KLM Dutch Airlines, Dick van Nieuwenhuyzen revealed that three Ghanaian travelers were denied entry to Amsterdam upon their failure to have their antigen tests done in addition to the PCR test.

“Our first flight on January 24 saw three passengers from Ghana refused entry because they did not have the antigen test done. This is for KLM flights only and it is not only to Ghana,” he revealed.

Ghana is currently under the “not-safe” category of the Dutch Government – hence the reason for this double layer of Covid-testing.

With a second wave and discovery of a Covid-19 variant in the country, a more austere travel safety directive is expected from both the Dutch Government, enforced by KLM Dutch Airlines.