The newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of KNUST, Professor Rita Akosua Dickson

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has established a monitoring and evaluation desk to ensure effective implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals before the 2030 deadline.

The desk will be supervised by the University’s Quality Assurance and Planning Unit.

This will involve streamlining activities of the various Units and Colleges to conform to the ideals of the SDGs.

Chairman of the 9th Summer School Committee, Prof. Nathaniel Owusu Boadi, assured that Management will ensure staff and members of the University would practically contribute to the attainment of the SDGs.

He further disclosed the school has already started implementing some of these goals and will ensure continuity.

“The KNUST has set up a Plastic Unit, where we do recycling. All these plastics can go there to be recycled and reused.

“I believe this is the beginning, it is not just going to end here. But the University will continue to achieve results,” he said.

A lecturer at the Faculty of Educational Studies, Professor Nana Afia Opoku Asare, also indicated that the University will be incorporating the SDGs in courses offered.

“We’re going to put sustainability consciously into our courses, so that our courses will have a reflection on the SDGs, to know which are being addressed and those which aren’t,” she said.

The 9th Summer School under the theme “SDGs and Universities: Actions toward KNUST’s mandate at 70 and beyond” was to sensitize the University’s staff on the need to implement the SDGs in their work.

Participants are expected to gain new knowledge in the SDGs to improve the quality of education in Ghana.

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