Adansi Asokwa MP, K. T. Hammond, says he has instructed the Finance Department of Parliament to donate his two months’ salary to the COVID-19 Trust Fund.

President Akufo-Addo announced the establishment of the fund over the weekend. Money can be donated to the fund for onward disbursement to Ghanaians struggling as a result of the spread of the virus.

The President also pledged his salary for the next three months – April, May and June – as his contribution to the fund which will be managed by an independent board of trustees.

Appointees of the President have pledged 50% of their monthly income for the next three months, towards the COVID-19 Trust Fund.

These appointees include all Ministers of State, the Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, the deputy Chiefs of Staff, Secretary to the President, Secretary to the Cabinet, Presidential Staffers and Presidential Aides at the Presidency.

All Deputy Ministers have also agreed to donate 50 percent of their salaries for the next two months, i.e. April and May, into the Fund.

K. T. Hammond is urging Parliamentarians to follow suit.

“I am donating my salary; April and May to the fund. I am calling on MPs, at least senior ones like me. And those on the Minority side, I am urging them to follow the president’s example, vice president’s example. And follow suit,” he said.

“Let’s contribute physically and in actual resources. Let’s make sure we fight coronavirus together,” K. T. Hammond added.