Former president John Agyekum Kufuor has reiterated that his government is the best since Ghana’s independence.

He has therefore charged members of the NPP to spread the good deeds of his administration across the country and beyond.

According to him, this will get Ghanaians to boot the ruling Natoinal Democratic Congress (NDC) out of power in the 2012 general elections.

Addressing members of the Minority and some leading party members at his 72nd birthday celebration at his residence, Mr Kufuor said most Ghanaians are full of regret for not rewarding his exemplary performance as a president by maintaining his party in power during the 2008 election.

He also dismissed criticisms that he mismanaged the economy.

“If there has been any paradigm shift in the development of Ghana since independence, it occurred under us and it started with the HIPC initiative we took,” Mr Kufuor told the gathering.

He further added, “..that was when the private sector was gingered to come and play the role of becoming the engine of economic growth. This is your achievement. This is what is propelling the country forward.”

“So please be bold;” he said to members of the NPP, urging them to “do your homework, sector for sector, ministry by ministry, know what you achieved during the eight years and stand on that to talk to Ghana and talk to the whole world. On that basis 2012 is yours. You will come back to lead Ghana and I will back you to do that”.

Mr Kufuor again reminded his critics that his administration must be credited for the oil find. According to him, his government was able to do what the PNDC/NDC was unable to do in 19 years.

The former president praised his wife Theresa Kufuor for her role in making him what he has become today.

Several well wishers took turns to congratulate the former President, including former vice president Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

Source: Joy News/