Let us recognise that the fight against galamsey is a fight for the very survival of Ghana – our health, our economy, our lives, and our future, are all under attack from galamsey.

The President must declare a State of Emergency under Article 31, covering all mining areas (excluding inhabited areas recognised as cities, towns and villages). As part of the State of Emergency, there must be a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am in all areas designated as mining areas.

The Ghana Armed Forces – in particular, the army and the air force – must enforce the curfew using all available military ground and air firepower.

The military must be given the order to engage curfew-breakers under the Rules of Engagement applicable to WAR.

Daytime enforcement of anti-galamsey measures must be enhanced, with a new Military-Police unit that is mandated with Rules of Engagement applicable to war, within areas designated as water bodies, forest reserves and farmlands

These rules of engagement must apply equally against anybody – Ghanaians and foreigners – who engage in galamsey (illegal mining) within areas designated as water bodies, forest reserves and farmlands

Enforcement of immigration laws against all foreigners – ECOWAS and non-ECOWAS nationals alike – must be strictly applied. Ghanaian immigration officials who fail to apply these laws or flout these laws for whatever reasons must face heavy sanctions

Enforce the tracking of all excavators

  • Ban the importation, possession, and use of ‘Changfan’ and other specific galamsey equipment that is only used on waterbodies, with harsh sentences for offenders
  • Parliament must support the State of Emergency, with one-month extensions as required under Article 31(6) for as long as would be necessary to regain control over the galamsey menace, ensuring government provides monthly progress updates to Parliament and the people of Ghana.   

The galamsey menace is an emergency. Unless we treat it as such, Ghana is facing an existential threat! These are just my thoughts. You can debate or disagree with them, but the status quo is unacceptable, and only drastic measures can save this country!