A Labour Expert, Austin Gamey has questioned the integrity and quality of some of employers who have been establishing businesses in the country.

Mr. Gamey expressed worry at the refusal by some employers to comply with the section 139 of the Labour Act which defines the rights of workers.

He told Adom News on Friday that some employers hastily set up businesses without taking into consideration the institution of quality management systems to protect the workforce.

“Anybody can set up a job, but what we need is the quality of management systems that must be put in place,” he stated.

He attributed the rampant labour disputes in Ghana to failure on the part of some employers to adhere to labour practices and industrial relations regulations.

Mr Gamey outlined some of the qualities a person should posses before being qualified as an employer.

“The integrity of the organisation must be paramount; an employer should be knowledgeable in industrial relations and labour practices. Written policies should be jointly drafted by both the employer and the workers because the labour law states that if an employer is going to use a policy to judge workers, that policy must be consistent with the law and the constitution of Ghana,” he stated.

He recounted instances where some aggrieved workers report their grievances to his outfit on the challenges they face at their various work places.

He however advised Ghanaians to avoid rushing to accept job offers without considering their safety, health and written documents which are paramount.

In instances where employers fail to comply with the rules, Mr. Gamey urged workers to report such employers to the National Labour Commission for the law to take its course.

Story: Afia Akyere/Adom News