Credit: pmboakye

Rapper and singer Ayat Maqwam Salis, popularly known as Kirani AYAT, says language has never been a barrier for him.

In an interview with Sammy Forson on Daybreak Hitz, the rapper mentioned that, unlike other rappers who believed they are side-lined because of the language they use in their music, he is privileged to be using Hausa in his music.

According to him, Hausa is the second most spoken language in Africa, and that allows him to spread his music to a wider audience.

“Language has never been a barrier for me to be honest. I feel we just like to focus on what we are not getting and neglect what we are getting. This week, I hit a milestone in Austria and Poland through Afro-music and I am told that hundreds of people listen to my language there.

These are countries far away from Africa, so I can’t sit here and complain about who understands me and who does not understand me,” he added.

AYAT made it known to Sammy Forson that he is aware of the numerous opportunities out there for him to sell his music to the world.

He stressed that music is mostly about vibrations for him, and he will urge people to listen to music which appeases their spirits.

He added that people should appreciate music and overlook the language barriers.

“I feel like the core of the music is vibrations. If you can connect to it then my job is done and if you happen to understand it too then it’s a plus for you.”

On the other hand, the rapper has vowed to win a GRAMMY with the Hausa language. In a tweet, he expressed his dream to defy all the odds to reach this level.

Kirani AYAT started his music professionally as Mr Ayat in 2008 and later rebranded to “Billy Banger” in 2010. That was the period, when he recorded and released several mixtapes, which made a little impact locally.

In 2011, as “Billy Banger,” he recorded and released “Ain’t Easy,” a Hip-hop/RnB song which had an honourable mention in the Hip-hop category at the 2011 International Songwriting Competition out of over 17,000 entries.

Kirani Ayat’s hit records include “Kudi,” “I Don’t Know You (IDKY)”, “Play For Keeps (SOYAYA)” and “Dodo.”