A forty-five (45) year old Lebanese man, identified as Hosam, has been implicated in the disappearance of a sixteen (16) year old girl.

The girl was last seen heading to school and has since not returned home.

Perhaps even more disturbing, are accusations by the father, implicating the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ashaiman police of complicity.

Narrating his story on the midmorning show “Abrabo” on Asempa FM, The father of the missing girl, Felix Mustapha, said his daughter had originally gone missing three months ago.

He said that he and other members of his family, including the accused, had been searching for his daughter and that a tip-off from his niece; who incidentally is married to Hosam, led him to an apartment at Mataheko, a suburb of Tema where he discovered the girl.

He noted that his niece had been unaware that her husband was related to the information she had been given and could not have known that he was the occupant of the apartment.

The anxious father said subsequent questioning of a co-tenant of the apartment revealed that Hosam had been living with the girl on the pretext of keeping an eye on her for her father, whom he claimed had traveled.

Upon discovery of the girl, Mustapha said he contacted the Ashaiman police and was put in touch with officers at the DOVVSU unit who advised him to send his daughter home and bring her to the station the next day, since the hour was late.

He says he was asked by the police to assist them arrest Hosam the next day, upon which he decided to send his daughter to school and inform school authorities that she had been found.

Mustapha says the girl never returned home from school and he suspects that the Lebanese man has once again had a hand in her disappearance.

According to him, when the police returned to Hosam’s apartment later that day, they discovered the missing girl’s school uniform.

Although the case was transferred to the desk of the Tema Regional Police Command, Mustapha insists that officers have refused to exercise due diligence.

He said despite the evidence against him, the police detained Hosam for only a day, after which they released him without him revealing the whereabouts of the missing girl.

Mustapha claims DOVVSU officers have accused him of wanting to destroy his niece’s family; since he insists on Hosam’s arrest, and have gone as far as refusing to take down his statement for court.

His displeasure and concern about the safety and whereabouts of his daughter have forced him to report the conduct of the officers covering the case to the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards (PIPS).

Chief Superintendent Okyere Darko, the Deputy Commissioner at PIPS, confirmed to Asempa that they discovered a lot of lapses in the docket when it was requested for examination.

A source at the BNI says the Lebanese man has been picked up for interrogation and has promised to produce the missing girl in two days.

Meanwhile a stunned Mustapha says the trauma of the ordeal has caused his pregnant wife to miscarry and that he is baffled by Hosam’s behavior.


Listen to Felix Mustapha below.