Lord Kenya and Okomfour Kwadee

Lord Kenya says he is appalled family of his former colleague Okomfour Kwadee is hindering industry persons visiting the rapper at his rehab centre.

According to Lord Kenya, it is suspicious this notice the family served, through their lawyer, comes at a time when Kwadee is getting better especially with the help of industry people who have his interest at heart.

He claimed that the family had previously failed to help the rapper after taking him from the rehab previously.

Hence, it is surprising for him to see them take these actions against the persons who are helping Kwadee back on his feet.

“So much pain and struggle for Okomfour, why?” he added.

Lord Kenya’s comments come after Kwadee’s family served directed the rehab centre to restrict access to him from persons who are not family.

According to them, the attention from the media and the public would mess with Kwadee’s healing process.

The notice named one Sandy Atuguba and Kennedy Opoku Ware as the only family members who can visit the rapper.

The letter further added that the family will resort to legal action if the institution fails to follow through with the order.

Lord Kenya said that he is surprised the family of Kwadee would “threaten” to sue anyone when they all have the rapper’s best interest at heart.