Former Hiplife artiste, Lord Kenya, says he would have been a better artiste if not for his addiction to marijuana.

In an interview with JoyNews, the singer-turned-pastor said his indulgence made his brain work in inappropriate ways that hurt his career.

“I forget myself easily. I got to the studio and instead of doing the right thing, I’ll be shouting here and there, thinking that I am doing the right thing,” he stated.

Lord Kenya explained that he was naturally gifted hence it was unnecessary to get high on drugs and weed to boost his performances on and off the stage.

Born Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo Kainya, the musician rose to fame in the late 90s when he joined Slip Entertainment Music owed by Mark Okraku Mantey. 

His album ‘Sika Baa’ earned him several nominations at the Ghana Music Awards in 2001, including winning the Artiste of the Year award.

He, however, announced his break from secular music to be a pastor in October 2010.

Although the news came as a surprise, many fans suspected the rapper would go back to pursing hiplife, like many of his colleagues who had chosen the pulpit only to abandon it again.

However, the rapper is staying strong while preaching to people the word of God explaining he is grateful to be away from the life he used to lead.

“Basically marijuana affected me in the way I reason. I would say things that I don’t even remember,” Lord Kenya stated.

The former rapper has cautioned Ghanaians who are pushing massively for the legalisation of marijuana, to tread cautiously adding, “we don’t have to rush into it.”

According to him, many of these people are pushing for the legalisation because they would make money out of it.

“They think economically it makes sense because there is money there but we have to be careful. Because if it’s not regulated, people would take it anyhow,” he added.