MainOne, an undersea fiber optic cable company, is predicting further cuts in the cost of internet access in Ghana with the arrival of more bandwidth providers.

The company, which sells internet access to the mobile phone operators and other service providers, says there has already been a significant reduction in costs to retailers since its undersea cable became operational in the country last year.

MainOne’s cable adds to the SAT 3 operated by Vodafone and Glo One which is yet to be formally launched.

Country Manager of MainOne Ghana, Joseph Odoi explained to Joy Business internet users stand to benefit as more undersea cables land in the country.

“Per megabit internet connectivity [which] used to be around $3,000 per month has now dropped to around $500,” which is a significant reduction in price, he said.

He said internet penetration was also bound to improve.

The company until this Saturday is giving internet users who visit the Accra Mall a chance to sample free of charge the speed their undersea cable provides so that hopefully they would influence their service providers to opt for the service.

Source: Joy Business/Ghana