The majority caucus in parliament is highly dissatisfied with President John Mills’ decision to appoint three of its front liners to the executive.

The move which analysts have argued would have a negative impact on the work of the majority in parliament is causing discomfort within the majority NDC in parliament.

President John Mills on Monday, January 25, appointed the majority leader in Parliament Alban Bagbin, his deputy John Tia and Majority Chief whip Enoch Tei Mensah into various positions in government, following the first ever reshuffle by the NDC administration since assuming power in January 2009.

Citi News sources have revealed that the majority NDC caucus is scheduled to meet President Mills on Wednesday to express its displeasure on the development.

A source told Citi News that the majority will petition the president to rescind his decision to reshuffle the three parliamentary leaders to the executive.

Most majority members who spoke to Citi News on conditions of anonymity wondered why the president did not consult his parliamentarians before making the move.

They say the President’s action has shown a great disregard for NDC parliamentarians.

According to the MPs, the President’s decision to move Hon. Bagbin to the Works and Housing Ministry shows the President’s high level of intolerance and dislike for criticisms.

They insinuated that the move is an attempt by the President to silence the Nadowli West MP.

The meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 27, is expected to draw a lot of bashing from the NDC parliamentarians towards the President on his latest move.

Source: Citifmonline


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