23-year old Clifford Caleb Cobbinah a dance artist and choreographer living in Takoradi has taken to dancing for the homeless and disabled people living on the streets of the city.

He believes going out of his way to entertain them would make them feel welcomed in society.

“People who are on the street, people who are begging, the disabled people, they normally don’t walk, or they normally don’t hear or see anything. They [will] just be on the street and beg. Me coming to dance to them makes them feel they are part of us, they are part of us those who are not disabled,” Clifford told JoyNews.

Also known as Chocolate Cliff, the dancer has tried for years to breakthrough in the dance industry but his efforts have proven futile as there are hardly any opportunities for such talents outside Accra.

Now after many attempts, he’s now focusing on forming his own choreography group, and hoping that by reaching out to the city’s vulnerable, he could finally be seen.