A shea nut processing factory, Alkoh Shea, has been commissioned by the McDan Foundation and handed over to Alhassan Hamza Akoligo, a young entrepreneur at Nasia, a community in the West Mamprusi Municipality in the North East Region.

The factory, constructed under the auspices of the McDan Foundation, is to boost the efforts of women in the community to increase production and add value to their shea nuts.

This vision by the McDan Foundation came to light when Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alkoh Shea Butter, Alhassan Hamza Akoligo, took part in the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge season one and was declared as the winner.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony Daniel Mckorely who is the founder of the Foundation and Chairman of the McDan Group of Companies, in a short remark, stressed that the McDan Foundation also walks the talk by helping the needy and building billionaires in various communities in the country.

According to him, Mr Akoligo is a true patriot because he has promised to empower women in Nasia to increase the shea business chain as their main economic venture.

He said women empowerment was key to accelerating the achievement of inclusive national development and encouraged the women to make maximum use of the facility to increase income generation and improve their livelihoods.

Dr Mckorely noted that the shea processing factory would encourage community members to desist from destroying the shea trees for charcoal and other activities.

McDan Foundation commissions shea nuts processing factory in West Mamprusi Municipality

He pointed out that Mr Alhassan Hamza Akoligo has been mentored on how to run the business, adding that “most of the challenge is the person behind the business.”

Dr Mckorely, who was happy about the shea nut business, then supported Alkoh Shea Butter with a Truck to help supply and gather raw materials for production.

Chief of Nasia, Mazurana Abdullah Mahami, commended the McDan Foundation for helping the son from their soil establish a factory to help kick away poverty from the community.

He continued that the elders, including the Chief, will ensure the factory achieves its aim, stressing that women will no longer cut down trees for living but rather focus on skill training to get some for living.

Mr Akoligo, who was excited by the gesture done him by the McDan Foundation, promised to manage the factory for it to get branches in other regions across the country.

He called on the younger generation to remain focused on entrepreneurship and never lose hope in job creation. 

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