So it’s Wednesday. We have as much of the week behind us as we have before us. It’s the time of the week when motivation is hardest to find.

Interesting thing about motivation: The biggest motivator is results. When you work hard and see results, it makes your hard work worth it.

Now, I know how hard some of you work, and how little you sometimes have to show for it.  Sometimes it’s very hard to stay motivated especially when things don’t seem to change much in spite of your hard work. The truth is, we all want results now. We all want to see change today.

You decide to go on a diet, and the person advising you has been on the same diet for three months, but she is still fat. How do you stay motivated?

You start saving, putting 200 cedis away every month towards your dream house. After three months, you don’t even have enough to buy a bed. How do you stay motivated?

You have exams and there are several textbooks to read. You’ve been studying for 3hrs and you are still on the first page. How do you stay motivated?

 The truth is slow progress kills the spirit, but unfortunately, true progress is often slow. Big change often involves a collection of small changes. So be excited about small changes.

Relish every small triumph, because before you know it, you will stand up,  look back and think “wow, I did all that?”. Well of course you did. Little by little.

My friends, when we look at the problems of today – job losses, businesses shutting down, COVID-19, corruption, it seems we are very far from solutions. But we too, we want our results now.

Today is Wednesday. We’re halfway through the week. It may seem like we’re ages away from the weekend, but just look behind you for a minute and appreciate the fact that you’ve done as much work already as you have left to do. You’re halfway there, so get excited. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the single individual moments that will eventually make up the final positive results you wish for.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and I don’t despair over the distance to the destination – I jubilate over the joy of the journey.


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