One mile away, the hulking fair colored afro man named Lesley limped through the front gate of his house at Aworshie, lane two, house number 15.

The gun on his waist was tithing him. The knife he wore around his thigh was losing, and yet he felt very embarrassed for killing the professor.

 His red eyes scanned the compound of his house as he entered his room. He climbed the stairs slowly as tears run down his cheeks. He opened his bedroom door and threw himself on the bed. “God please save my soul and keep it from the devil”. Tonight, Lesley felt he had done something that the people will definitely curse him even though they had no idea who killed the Professor.

Turning to the other side of his bed, he found the phone he had placed under the pillow at the end of the bed and begun to make a call.

Yes”, a female voice answered.

he job has been done, and as we agreed on I want the rest of the money sent to the account number I texted to you, make it quick, I want to leave town” said Lesley in a cool way.

 “You have done a very good work, Lesley, God will richly bless you for your commitment to the peaceful nature of this country” the woman on the phone responded.

When Lesley hung up the phone, his eyes were filled with tears as he knew the professor from childhood and has always wanted to meet with him and not in the way it happened today. This was an act of war against the people who want to create chaos in this country.

Even so, Lesley knew he had sin against God, he believed strongly the professor would have lost his name if he had come out with whatever that he was planning of doing. Pulling his shirt over his head, he stripped naked and opened his leg as he relaxed on the bed. When he was young, he was used to taking tiger nuts, which has eventually acquired him a very big and strong manhood.

He moved his hand around the organ and smiled, “I need a good time romance”. He smiled and looked out through his window and relaxed back on the bed. The idea behind why he killed the professor still puzzled him, “how can he just make such strong assertions against the national symbol, since 1957, no other person has come out with such idea about the coat of arms” Lesley whispered, repeating the coat of arms in his head.

 “Although the man who designed the coat of arms is not popularly known in Ghana doesn’t give him the mandate to speak about the coat of arms like that. With all his degrees and honors?” 

Lesley now turned his attention to his passport which has the coat of arms on it and chuckled. “This man is crazy, I am proud I killed him”          

Out the left window of the kitchen, the doctor stood in front of the refrigerator. Without knowing what to do, he opened the refrigerator and took out a Coca-Cola drink. He moved to the sitting room where he sat down to take his drink.

 He was still confused as to why someone will want to murder the Professor; ironically, he was not poisoned as people were saying before he was brought to the hospital and the assertion that he felt dizzy because he was fasting.

The latter news on his fasting was issued to the press by his grand- daughter whom claims his grandfather was complaining of the hidden truth in the Ghanaian history and that he was going to have a nine days fasting and prayer which he had not done before, a typical African perspective about difficulties within. Because of his age, he was forbidden to stay away from food for more done three hours in 2003 by his personal doctor.

As Edward descended down the stairs, he saw his father putting something in his safe box, Edward stayed there and watched as his father shouted that he was going to work and he will be back in the evening. “Don’t leave the door open” the doctor shouted as he slammed the door behind him. Edward moved to the direction which his father had put the piece of paper and opened the box, inside the box where items of great importance to his father. Edward’s reason in the box was to get the paper and run a photo copy of it before his father came back from work.

He rushed to his room and photo-copied the piece of paper and replaced the one he had taken from the safe. He took his bag and went outside the house locking it. He sat on his bicycle and headed towards the south.

As the cycle accelerated southward across the hood, the statue of Obasanjo, the Nigerian president stood, comparing whether a statue stood in Nigeria with a Ghanaian president. He looked at it and passed, shooting southward to the right. Seeing the statue, he thought of the Kwame Nkrumah statue with his finger pointing at a direction the professor was once talking about in class.

The professor said only nice things about the first prime minister of the republic of Ghana, but concluded by stating that “but find out the direction the Prime Minister is pointing at, is he giving us a direction or is just an art work?”

 The Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology, the Kwame Nkrumah roundabout, popularly known as circle. These were areas people had to focus historical investigations into.

 He was visiting Julia, his girlfriend in school, whom he thought could think together with him. When he got to the gate, he heard the dogs barking. He stood there for some time and knocked on the gate. The security man opened the door and allowed him in. Julia was sitting in the couch when Edward went inside the house; she offered him a seat and went into the house to get him something to drink.

   “Is there any problem?” asked Julia, as she gave the glass of Orange fruit juice to Edward. Edward took the drink “thank you”. He took the paper from his pocket. “ you know, ever since the professor died my dad has been looking at the original paper of this sheet and keeps on losing attention” handing over the paper to Julia, he sipped the drink in his hands and continued, “ do you think it has something to tell, the coat of arms?” Julia turned the paper around to see if anything was at the back of it.

“The professor made it himself, I have received an award from him and anything that comes from his workplace has this sign if photo-copied” pointing to the red and green lines on the back of the paper. Edward was very surprised because his attention did not get there. “If we have to find anything we must get the original paper from your father” Julia turned for her glasses. “The professor was a symbologist and studied law at Harvard University in the States.

He has a special taste for hidden truth and spends most of his time researching on symbols and what they meant” Julia said as she stood up and entered the room.

Could my father be in trouble?”  Edward frightened asked.

if only he keeps quiet on this discovery he has in his possession” Julia stated.


To be continued…