The Greater Accra Regional Health Directorate has given indications that it is ready to administer Moderna vaccines in all the 29 districts of the Region, from November 5.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Charity Sarpong, disclosed that, the exercise is targeted at persons who have not taken any Covid-19 jabs, since the pandemic broke out in March, 2020.

“Starting from Friday, November 5, 2021, through to November 10, 2021, we are beginning to vaccinate those who have not been vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine,” Dr. Sarpong announced.

The Moderna vaccine is additional to the AstraZeneca, Sputnik and Johnson & Johnson vaccines previously administered by the Greater Regional Health Directorate.

In all, over 216,000 individuals are expected to be vaccinated at various vaccination centres in the Greater Accra Region. However, pregnant women and persons below 18 years are exempted from the five-day exercise.

The Regional Director of Health Services further disclosed that in addition to the vaccination centres, mobile teams will be deployed across all the 29 districts in the Greater Accra Region, to administer the Moderna vaccines.

‘And then we’ll also be having static mobile teams. Every district will also be carrying mobile teams’, Dr. Sarpong said.

Touching on some myths, the Regional Health Directorate debunked claims that some vaccines are more effective than others.

In this regard, Dr. Sarpong emphasized that all vaccines that have been rolled out since the outbreak of the pandemic have the same levels of efficacy. She, therefore, urged the general public to discard their fears and participate massively in the upcoming exercise.

“We want to give the assurance that every vaccine that has been deployed for Covid-19 has been well researched and has been proved to be very efficient and effective in combating or protecting us against Covid-19. There is no one that has a better advantage over the other, no. They’re all equally effective, so as and when any of the vaccines become available, let us avail ourselves and make sure we take the jab’, Dr. Sarpong advised.

She also revealed that adequate measures have been put in place to cater for persons who may experience any side effects from the vaccination.

In attendance at the presser were two District Directors of Public Health, Dr. Luiz Amoussou-Gohoungo and Dr. Akosua Sika Ayisi.

So far in Ghana, about 1,182 persons have lost their lives to the virus, with a total of about 130,000 recorded cases nationwide.

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