Nii Asereboi VII (Asere Mantse): Nii Quao Donkor II (Asere Tsono Mantse); Charles Nii Armah Quaye, Head Armatey Quaye Family of Asere, Mrs. Beatrice Tamakloe, Willie Lamptey, Hon. Nii Adu Mantey, Nii Larbi Mensah (Sempe Atofo), Nii Armah Oraca-Tetteh (Head of Oraca-Tetteh Family), MrWalter G Adams (Head of Adjin Tse Tettey We) Alhaji Mohamed Agoe Okoe, (Head of Nyantse Okoe Family), Prof. Hector Addo, The Superintendent Minister of The Methodist Church, Abossey Okai Circuit, The Amartey Quaye Family. The Orraca-Tetteh Family, the Quaye Family of Russia Accra,


Regret to announce the sudden death of their beloved


Mrs. Cynthia Naa Amorkor Omani-Quaye (nee Quaye)

(Headmistress of Bethesda Methodist ‘2’ Primary, Gbegbeyise)


Age: 53

This occurred on 21st September 2013 after a short illness




Dress Code: Black

There will be no Wake Keeping

The body will be laid in state for viewing at Grace Methodist Church, Lartebiokorshie on Saturday 19th October 2013(8:00am to 9:00am),

Burial, Memorial and Thanksgiving service same day 19th October 2013 Grace Methodist Church at 9:00am.

And thence to the Sempe cemetery –Manponse for interment                                                                 

Funeral rites follow immediately at Grace Methodist Church compound, Lartebiokorshie


Widower: Mr. Samuel Nii Omani Quaye (Merchant Bank Gh. Ltd.)



Cyril Nii Klottey Omani-Quaye, Victor Nii Kortei Omani-Quaye, Joel Nii Korkwei Omani-Quaye


Brothers and Sisters

Mrs. Joyce Mahama (Talent Marketing Services), Patrick Quaye (National Investment Bank), Eric Quaye (SSNIT) Ms. Matilda Mimi Quaye ( Ghana Educational Service), Mrs. Beatrice Kwablah (Clear-Cut Catering Services), Mrs. Cynthia Narh (SSNIT).



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