Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak.

Member of Parliament for Asawase is making a case for himself in a bid to secure re-election victory in December.

According to Mubarak Muntaka Mohammed, the development projects and activities in this constituency are evidence of the good works that the indigenes of Asawase will refer to in making a decision as to who to vote for in the upcoming polls.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Battleground, the NDC MP indicated that his opponent in the race is no match for him adding that a victory in 2020 will afford him the opportunity to consolidate those gains.

He argues that every decision he has made regarding the constituency and in parliament go a long way to improve the lives of the indigenes in the Ashanti region, a factor he does not take for granted.

He told JoyNews that accountability is at the heart of his 2020 campaign, same of which he posits, cannot be said of the NPP parliamentary candidate.

“It’s good that someone who campaigned against me the last time and made a lot of promises was made the MCE. Fortunately, four years’ time he is still a candidate we are going to campaign based on our track record.

“The constituency has come to the realization that they would have made the biggest mistake if they had brought him to Parliament.”

Meanwhile, his contender Alidu Seidu will have none of that.

According to him, many development projects have eluded the constituency under the leadership of the incumbent MP.

“Ask him, if there is hospital within Asawase, there is none,” he retorted.

Alidu Seidu said the Asokore Mampong District has undergone a massive facelift following his appointment as Municipal Chief Exective in 2017. He revealed that the district is tops the Local Government Service Performance Contract ratings in 2020.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the district, who is running on the ticket of the NPP, also accused him of deliberately citing infrastructure in districts he consider an NDC stronghold.

The MCE said Mr Mubarak’s is clutching at straws after staying MP for about 15 years which almost nothing to show.

“I understand the level of frustration but it goes to confirm that I am solid on the ground and nothing will stop me,” he told host Emefa Apawu.

But he believes some projects such facilitated under his watch will give him the upper hand against the incumbent in the parliamentary race.

“When I came into office, I saw to it that three health centres were established under my leadership… Even Fire Service station was never thought of. But today as I am speaking with you it is about 95% complete.

He also added that he made sure that data regarding the running of the community as digitized to improve access through the creation of a database and a website.

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