Entrepreneur and CEO of the McDan Group of Companies popularly known as ‘McDan’, has disclosed that one of his greatest fears before marriage was housekeeping money (generally known the Ghanaian parlance as ‘chop money’).

Daniel McKorley said this had been the primary cause of conflicts between his parents during childhood.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show, he noted that he was raised in a very poor home and had witnessed many quarrels between his parents over ‘chop money.’

“To be honest, I grew up in a very poor family [and] before I got married, I was afraid of ‘chop money.’ It was one word I feared so much because I didn’t want to have a wife, and I’ll be giving excuses when it was time to put money on the table.

“So I refused to marry, and it was hard for me because I grew up in a family where I saw chaos because of chop money, bills and all that,” he revealed.

According to him, the quarrels between his parents over housekeeping money compelled him to work hard to provide for his family.

“Chop money can break a marriage. It’s a tough thing; that’s why I didn’t want to go on that tangent [of my parents], so I had to break my back and make sure I put food on the table for the family,” he said.

He was speaking on the back of his advice to men to desist from banking their hopes on their wives’ salaries.

At this year’s Father’s Day event, organised by Joy Prime on Saturday, June 18, the business mogul said a wife’s salary is solely hers and should not be preyed upon by her husband.

Though his comment has attracted massive backlash from the public domain, he stood his ground on the matter.

“The fact remains the same. We cannot try to change the narrative. A man must be a man; a woman’s money is not your (the man’s) money.

“Women are to be respected [because] they are the sweetest and most wonderful creatures God gave humanity. There’s no way you should be an autocratic husband because you pay the bills,” he said.

“If your salary is low, it doesn’t mean you should change the narrative. But, if you don’t have enough and the woman spends on you, make sure you pay back,” he stressed.