Singer Elda Dickson Naa Abiana, known by her stage name as Abiana, has revealed that her experience from live band music has helped her stay versatile in the industry.

“As I was in the live band setting, I was learning a lot from the old folks, and I realized that the old folks knew their music; so, because of that, it propelled me to take my guitar and then be serious with my guitar because that’s what even helps me to write,” she said in an interview on Showbiz A-Z, Saturday.

Abiana has been hailed by many as the musician whose mastery and dexterity offer relief to music lovers and her fans.

The ‘Soul-Life’ songwriter believes her current achievements are nothing short of her training from some of Ghana’s legendary musicians.

Having worked with the likes of Papa Yankson, Amandzeba Nat Brew, and Akosua Agyapong, she recounted that “even at rehearsals, these old folks can even tell you that there is a horn playing here, there is this instrument playing here, and it helped me to know that I have to take my music seriously.”

From her excellent delivery on Okyeame Kwame’s award-winning ‘Bolgatanga Girl’ to her soothing performance on ‘Adunlei’, Abiana hopes to collaborate with other musicians, including Pat Thomas, King Promise and Adina Thembi.

She said, “I’d love people to see me as the girl that gives great content in the music and then; moreover, my shows should be interesting. I like to gear myself towards the much more matured folks.”

Abiana had been the leading vocalist for the Hyskuul Band for some years after a stint with the Afro Harmony Band.

Currently, she is signed on the +233 record label. Abiana does a mixture of musical genres she calls ‘Soul Life’ because, according to her, she does music to feed the soul.

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