Jaws dropped at an Accra Fast Track High Court yesterday when J.B. Danquah-Adu, former MP for Abuakwa North and deputy Minister for Women and Children’s Affairs under the Kufuor administration, gave a vivid description of how his 24-year-old estranged girlfriend allegedly unzipped him to get two other guys to rob him.

Narteley Nettey Yirenkyiwaa, the ex-Minister’s girlfriend, is standing trial together with Charles Antwi and Nana Yaw Ampaw.

The police say the three conspired to rob Mr. Danquah-Adu at the East Legon apartment of Narteley on August 26, 20I0.

The three have pleaded not guilty to three counts of conspiracy, causing harm and robbery and are still in police custody.

Led in evidence by Paul Asibi Abariga, a State Attorney, Mr. Danquah-Adu told the court, presided over by Justice Mustapha Habib Logoh, that the accused persons’ actions on that fateful day showed clearly that they had intended to either ‘kill’ or ‘harm’ and ‘rob’ him whilst he was in the bedroom of Yirenkyiwaa.

Cross-examined by Addo Attuah, counsel for Yirenkyiwaa, the former MP said, “I was in my trousers and my shirt and shoes and Al (Yirenkyiwaa) unzipped me and as the trousers fell down at that point, I saw the doors swing open and I heard the sound of a click of camera.

“It was at that point that I tried to bring my trousers up to cover my nakedness but they tried to remove it.”

Counsel: This story about your trousers being forcibly removed is not what you told the court in your evidence-in-chief.

JB: I am stating that it was what actually happened.

Counsel: You seem to be changing your story every now and then as we go on this matter.

JB: I am not changing my story. It is the same as I have said.

Counsel: You are not being a credible witness.

JB: I am a very credible witness.

Counsel: It was whilst you were on the bed that you heard the click sound of a camera.

JB: That is not the case.

Counsel: I am suggesting to you that when you heard the click sound of the camera, you jumped towards A2 (Antwi) who was holding it because you wanted to wrestle the camera from him.

JB: They rather attacked me, pushed me into bed and forcibly removed my trousers which was containing GHC1,000.
Counsel: I am also suggesting to you that in your attempt to price the camera from A2’s hand, there was a struggle.

JB: I did not…They attacked me with their knives.

Counsel: There was a knife lying on a table which you tried to reach.

JB: That is not correct.

Counsel: A 2 then grabbed the knife first.

JB: That is not the case.

Counsel: It was in the course of the struggle that you sustained that slight injury on your hand.

JB: That was not the case … they swung the knife on my head and I parried it with my hand.

The former MP disagreed with counsel that the injury he sustained was purely accidental, saying it was intentional.

Counsel: Apart from the injury, you never sustained any other injury in your test testimony to this court.

JB: That was the only injury I sustained.

He told the court that he would not know whether or not Antwi and Ampaw panicked when they realized he was injured and said Yirenkyiwaa never told him to calm down, noting, “She actually wanted to hit my head with something.”

He claimed Yirenkyiwaa wanted to hit him with a chair and denied hitting Antwi with the chair. He said he subsequently stood on the same chair to shout for help.

He also told the court that Ampaw tried to gag him, adding Yirenkyiwaa never tried to stop the blood with her cloth. “It was an onlooker who tied my hand with his shirt and not A1”.

Earlier in the cross-examination, the ex-MP had said that at the time he was being sent to the hospital, Yirenkyiwaa was not in possession of his pair of trousers.

Counsel: She was also not in possession of the other things, although not part of the charge sheet which you mentioned in the court.

Witness: Yes … but also as I said, when she followed me downstairs, she went back upstairs to her apartment for sometime before coming back.

He said the police sent him together with the accused persons in the same vehicle to the hospital and left him in the care of a policeman before sending the suspects to the police station.

He could not tell the court whether his brother called Twum Barimah had gone to Yirenkyiwaa’s house with the police investigator to ransack the accused person’s room.

Sitting continues on Wednesday December 8 20I0, for CK Mintah, counsel for Antwi and Ampaw to cross-examine the former parliamentarian.

The facts are that on the morning of August 26, Ms. Yirenkyiwaa called the complainant, her estranged boyfriend, to meet her at Protea Hotel. When they met, she asked for financial help and they agreed to meet later at her house.

When Mr. Adu got to her house, he met Yirenkyiwaa outside, who took him into the house. They then proceeded to her bedroom where she allegedly undressed him.

The prosecution said when she had done this, the other two accused persons came out of the bathroom where they were hiding and started taking pictures, after which they attacked the complainant with a knife and took his pair of trousers which contained GHC1000.

Source: Daily Guide