Nambagla residents share the water source with their livestock.

Residents of Nambagla in the Savelugu Municipality in the Northern region are forced to share the only source of water in the area; a nearly dried up dugout with animals.

This is due to the lack of potable water in the area.

Nambagla, a farming community with a population of more than two thousand, does not have access to several social amenities and basic life essentials including safe water.

The residents in the community drink water from a dirty dugout which is only accessed after a trek of many miles. Their livestock also depend on the unhealthy water source.

An Adom News visit to the community revealed that school children abandon classes while women lose many productive hours, in search of water which they treat with ashes before consumption.

A resident treating the dugout water with ashes for her family to consume

Some of the women in the community who spoke to Adom News’ Illiasu  Abdul Rauf Dabre said the community was in need of urgent attention.

According to them, the distance to the water source makes them sick and continues to affect their wellbeing.

They appealed for government intervention.

The Chief of the needy community’s representatives, Kpanadana Zakaria Musah speaking to Adom News said that they have sent a request about their water problem several times to the Municipal authorities.

However, they are yet to receive positive response so they are appealing to the general public to come to their aid.