The new Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana has lauded President Nana Akufo-Addo’s initiative to construct a National Cathedral; describing the edifice as marking the presence of God in governance.

Rt Rev Dr Paul Boafo said most Ghanaians, especially Christians, revere chapels and consider them the abode of God so having a national monument to that effect would inure to public good.

He told Kojo Yankson on the AM Show Wednesday that the idea is laudable and in the right direction since most Ghanaians revere God and call on him in every aspect of the lives.

“Every Ghanaian that walks or drives and sees a cathedral or the smallest chapel thinks God is there. So if we say let’s announce God in governance and in the things we do as Christians — let us have something symbolic to show that yes indeed this is how God is part and parcel of us…I think it’s in the right direction,” he said.

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Rev Boafo also referenced the Bible story of the people of Israel who built a temple in the capital, Jerusalem as an icon of their devotion to God.

“…[A]nd that is where the ark [of covenant (a tabernacle that housed spiritual food of the Israelites)] was kept," he noted. "And that is why they [Israelites] were so sad when the temple was destroyed,” he added.

The church leader added that if the government has come to terms with the reality of building a house for God, his church would surely support it.


Speaking on the funding of the project, Rev Boafo noted that he is new in his position and his predecessor –who represented the church on the board for the Cathedral — has not officially handed over to him yet so he is unable to speak to that.

The government, although stating without mincing words that the taxpayer is not going to bear the cost of the project, has been tight-lipped on exactly who is funding the construction except to say Christians and some Churches will bear the cost.

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Rev Boafo noted that Ghanaians are right in their demand for that clarity to be made so the matter could be put to rest.

“The funding is what should be made clear to Ghanaians so it’s transparent,” he said.

 The National Cathedral of Ghana is a planned interdenominational Christian cathedral scheduled to be built in Accra, the nation's capital, as part of Ghana's 60th-anniversary celebrations.

The design of the cathedral was unveiled by the President Nana Akufo-Addo in March 2018.

The cathedral will have an auditorium capable of seating 5,000 as well as the requisite chapels and a baptistery. The site will also house a music school, an art gallery and a museum dedicated to the Bible.

The design of the cathedral reflects the art and culture of Ghanaian ethnic groups; the high ceilings and a staggered roof is reminiscent of Akanian architecture and the facade will be concaved, decorated with timber in imitation of Ashanti royal stools.

The architect for the project is David Adjaye, a British-Ghanaian.