The National Peace Council of Ghana has launched a Peace Fund to provide a viable source of funding for the Council to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace.

The launch which took place on Friday, October 15, 2021, in Accra was pegged on the theme, “Promoting National Peace and Cohesion Through a Sustainable Peace Fund.”

Due to inadequate funding and resources, the Council is unable to meet most of its demands, thereby not being able to establish relevant strategies to facilitate sustainable peace in the country.

According to Chairman of the Governing Board of the Peace Council, some development partners have been supportive of the Council’s programs and activities, however, such supports are inadequate and not sustainable.

“It is sad to note that members of the first Board of the National Peace Council did not receive any board allowances during the four years they served this country, neither were they given any package at the end of their term.”

“We are all aware of the challenges we face as a country, however, it is important to highlight this because of the public perception that the Peace Council members enjoy extraordinary benefits,” he stated.

Section 20 of the National Peace Council Act 2011 (Act 818) gives room for the establishment of a Peace Fund, but this has not been achieved after a decade of the passage of the Act, and 15 years of the existence of the Council.

The establishment of the Fund also seeks to supplement government’s funding capacity to enable the NPC to realize its mandate of preventing, managing and resolving conflicts to sustain the peace in Ghana by providing the National Peace Council with a strong financial backing to respond to urgent conflict situations.

Speaking at the launch of the fund, Rev. Dr Ernest Adu-Gyamfi noted that the Fund will help the Council to be independent, adding that the necessary measures have been put in place to promote its efficacy.

“The Peace Fund, when fully operational in Ghana, will benefit several players in the economy, including government, the public and private sectors, investors, development partners, tourists, and also, students.”

“Board allowances are irregular, and not proportional to the workload as well as staff salaries. There is no immediate fund to fall on during emergencies when crises arise in the country,” Dr Adu-Gyamfi recounted.

He added: “Resources for doing our work have been inadequate. Office accommodation of the National Peace Council needs urgent revamping to meet the job requirements, reputation and image of the Council.”

“Currently, the Board Chairman has no office space even to operate from. None of the board members has official vehicles to run their affairs of the Council. All board members are using their personal vehicles, fueling and maintaining them to run the affairs of the Council.”

Meanwhile, payments and contributions can be made to the National Peace Council Fund through its account number 1011130031855 at the High Street branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank.

Alternatively, donations can be made through Vodafone Cash on 0506587169. The account name is National Peace Council Fund.

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